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Payment Methods 

a) Online Banking via iPay88 

iPay88 offers Online Payment Services to local online retailer or e-commerce merchant in the country. The Malaysia operation arm, Sdn Bhd is notified under Malaysia's Payment System Act and also PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) complianced. As a leading local Internet payment service provider, the company launched it multi-currency gateway in February in year 2009 and become the first and the only local regulated payment service provider that providing internet payment processing for e-commerce in foreign currency.

FAQ on iPay88 here.

b) Credit Card via Ipay88


c) Buy Smarter Pay Later with AiraPay

AiraPay is a buy now pay later payment option so you can have a more affordable shopping experience, up to 6 months installment plan. 0% interest fee.  Buy Smarter Pay Later.  AiraPay is a Malaysian-made 'BNPL' payment solution that is tailored to enrich the local marketplace with platform for shoppers and retailers to transact confidently.  Our Shariah compliant option allows shoppers spread payments with 0% interest fees. 

Important: Please ensure that you have disabled the “pop up blocker”. The payment gateway/online banking payment page may “pop up” for payments to be made.